Friday November 1st @ 8pm. Tickets €16/€14. Box Office 047 39777.

The Trial of P H Pearse before the Court of History

The Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School and Newpoint Players present the ‘Trial of P H Pearse before the Court of History’ by Anthony Russell. This innovative and imaginative play examines the case for and against Pearse proceeding with the Easter Rising.

In this ‘Court of History’ Pearse is defended by Newry’s John Mitchel (1815 – 1875), an unrepentant, physical force Irish republican from Young Ireland and the Fenians. The prosecution is presented by Thomas D’Arcy McGee the Irish famine rebel, Canadian patriot and founding father of Canada.

McGee, from Carlingford, will suggest the 1916 rising was unnecessary and undemocratic. Mrs.Margaret Pearse, is called from the grave in defense of her elder son’s blood sacrifice.The tension between the acerbic prosecutor and loquacious defender makes for a riveting drama,interspersed by comic and ironic relief.

A superbly engaging dimension to the play sees the audience act as the jury in deciding whether

P H Pearse committed treason against the people of Ireland. P H Pearse was found not guilty on the Shankill Road, Belfast.