Thursday 22nd March @ 8pm
Tickets €16/14

The Six Marys is the hilarious yet nostalgic and bittersweet play written and narrated by Jean Farrell with supporting actress/singer Catherine Gallagher. Playing for 70 minutes without interval, it weaves the story of six girls christened Mary, born in 1950s Ireland, through the decades to the present day. While enjoying excerpts from diaries interspersed with songs and soundtracks from the different eras (singing along is encouraged), the audience is brought on a journey depicting the social history of the time: the comics, the catechism and the stork; the nuns, the processions and the gym slips; the hops, the hopes and the ‘big day’; the babies, the teenagers and the reality. This journey of self-discovery is laced with one-liners guaranteed to have you in stitches!

“That’s my fifth time to see it – and I laughed just as much last night as I did the first time!! I thought the lady beside me would explode with the laughter!! Your script really hits the spot- it is the story of all our lives!!”