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Monaghan Youth Theatre Presents The Greatest Show

Pickle’s Perambulating Palace of Performers gets their show on the road for the new season, but there is trouble ahead! Several other travelling shows are going out of business under strange circumstances and Herbert the showman is pushing his brother Professor Pickle the scientific inventor, to come up with a new act to keep the audiences happy.

Then disaster strikes: the show is sabotaged! The escapologist is trapped in his costume, the ventriloquist bound and gagged and the performing dogs are let out to chase the musical cats out of the ring. Herbert’s reputation is ruined!

Could it all have something to do with Horace Heckle and Tyrus Snide? Two disreputable quack doctors seen selling their remedies in every town? And who is the fanatical Colonel Obadiah Blastpipe, creator and collector of all things mechanical? With a riotous mix of Victorian melodrama, steampunk and circus acts, the Pickle family must bring the saboteurs to justice… oh, and at the same time make sure that the show still goes on!


Sat 13th May 2023

Sun 14th May 2023


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