Sunday October 24th @ 3pm . Tickets €10. Family Tickets €40 ( 2 + 3 Children) Box Office: 047 39777

Eddy The Teddy Sammy Ragdoll wants to take her best friend Eddy the Teddy to a Halloween party but he’s feeling a bit frightened. Everyone can enjoy a fun show which is perfect for this time of year.The show uses many elements of theatre, mime, puppetry and songs to join in with. It’s a perfect introduction to live entertainment for children who’ve never been to a show before, and a welcome return for Eddy the Teddy’s young fans.
The Canterville Ghost is based on Oscar Wilde’s short story for children about a family from America who move into a haunted house in England.They aren’t at all afraid and, indeed they play tricks in the frustrated ghost. Their daughter Virginia takes pity on the ghost and becomes his friend.