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Having been appointed Writer in Residence at the Garage Theatre, Pat Mc Cabe would like to take this opportunity to inform the theatre-going, and indeed any other, public, that he will be presenting a series of events over the coming year starting on Friday 17th May 2024 @ 1pm. With the inaugural Radio Butty interview, featuring the well-known writer and theatre practitioner John Mc Ardle, Castleblayney, playing bits of music and chatting about every subject under the sun. This event will be taking place outdoors at the Garage, weather permitting. It will be a lunchtime FREE Event. BUT BOOKING RECOMMENDED, 047 39777.

After Radio Butty’s engagement with John, our wonderful host Pat will round-up the afternoon with a tete a tete from Ben Goddard, a band member of Ireland newest sensation, CHALK, who is also from the Monaghan area. Chalk, a thoroughly original, searing techno music trio, with an installation feel which impresses Radio Butty very much.

Don’t miss it-the second part of Radio Butty’s very first ‘happening’ at the Garage this coming Friday May 17th @1pm.

But what IS Radio Butty exactly?

Many have asked that.

To put it in a nutshell, it’s a radio station broadcasting solely on the frequency of ART.

But what is art?

Ah, there’s the question.

It’s many things.

But for us it’s a cross between Big Tom and The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, with just a smidgin of Joyce and Jean Cocteau.

It’s a great deal more than that, however. And to find out you’ll really have to come along on May 17,at 1 pm lunchtime at the Garage Theatre, Monaghan.

You won’t regret it if you do, when JOHN MC ARDLE and CHALK take the floor!

More Radio Butty News coming soon.

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