Saturday 10th March @ 8pm
Tickets €16/€14
By Eddie Kerr
The year is 1961 and it is St. Valentine’s Night and for two glorious hours of theatre “One Night Stands” will transport you to a dancehall on the West Coast of Ireland.. ‘Tonight is the Night’….
The Derry based showband, The Barracudas, are playing their first gig in a syndicated ballroom; a real big deal for the band on the cusp of greatness… meaning if they do ‘it’ tonight they can do ‘it’ anywhere with guaranteed bookings and celebrity status within reach. There has never been a more important night for the band and their innovative leader ‘Flash Harry’ McCann. By dressing in their loud suits and playing the latest ‘grooves man’…they were making it big on the showband scene..… and the punters couldn’t get enough…..and neither could the greedy dancehall owners who formed a syndicate to control and maximise their profits….. this is the superb and hilarious story of how one band just wanted to play music…..While the dancehalls are often described as the ‘ballrooms of romance’ on the most romantic night of the year the backstage green room was anything but love and roses… while future fame and fortune was within a finger grasp of the band they preferred to…. well…’ll just have come along when the play hits the Garage Theatre stage in 10th March … make sure you bring your loudest laugh, dancing shoes, singing voice and prepare to jive with the unique Showband sound of the Barracudas…..this is a show like no other……don’t miss it!