Saturday December 14th @ 3pm. Tickets €15/€12. Family ticket 2 Adults + 3 Children ( 1 child free ) €50. Box Office 047 39777.

Following on from the hugely successful Monaghan Junior Youth Theatre’s Peter Pan JR., we are super excited to
announce that the Garage will once again run an exciting, interactive, creative musical incorporating singing,
dancing, and drama, “Pinocchio JR The Musical “.

One day Geppetto carved a puppet from wood in the shape of a boy. The arms and legs could move. He cut and sewed a nice outfit for the puppet, as if it were a real boy. “I will call you Pinocchio,” said Geppetto.  That night, Geppetto lay the wooden puppet down onto the bed.From out of the window, a big star twinkled bright.  Geppetto looked out the window to the twinkling star.

“Bright star,” said Geppetto. “If I could make one wish, it would be that I could have a real boy of my own.” But of course, he knew that was not possible.

That night, the same big star swooshed right into Geppetto’s room. It changed into a Blue Fairy!  The Blue Fairy flew over to the bed.

“Little wood puppet,” said the Blue Fairy. “In the morning, you will be able to walk and talk like a real boy.” She tapped the puppet one time with her wand. “And if you can prove that you are brave and true, someday you will be a real boy.”

Pinocchio’s eyes opened.