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Ariel, the young daughter of King Neptune, longs to be able to live like any human being.   However, her home is under the sea, where she lives with her trusted valet, Sebastian, and all her friends.   Despite the King’s wishes for Ariel to remain in the ocean, she has other ideas!!!!!!

Elsewhere, the evil sea-witch Ursula plans to steal Neptune’s trident and use its power to overthrow him. She will use any evil means to put her plan in action.

Meanwhile, Prince Valiant has decided to seek adventure on the high sea, but his ship hits a rock and sinks.  Fortunately, all onboard are saved by Fairy Seaweed, including fishmonger Sybil Sushi and her son Winkle. Valiant meets Arial, and they fall in love. However, Ursula wants Valiant for herself and hatches a plan that sees Arial give her voice away to her.

Just as Ursula looks to have won, Sybil and friends ride to the rescue, with a cunning plan conceived by Fairy Seaweed.

Come enjoy another fabulous production of a much loved fairytale, with a twist(!), by Monaghan Dramatic Society …. not to be missed!!!!!!!

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