Friday February 24th @ 11am. Students €5. Teachers free. Box Office: 047 39777

Executively produced by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s HiddenLight Productions, Lyra tells the story about the life and death of the internationally renowned Northern Irish investigative journalist Lyra McKee, who was murdered while covering riots in the Creggan estate in Derry on 18 April 2019. An extremist group, dubbing themselves the “New IRA”, previously claimed responsibility for the murder. Lyra shows the young woman growing up in ’90s Belfast as she narrates her own story through salvaged voice recordings and interviews from her dictaphone, and uses home video footage, text message, alongside intimate access to her mother, sister, and partner. The film captures her loved ones’ grief and the quest for justice following Lyra’s untimely passing.

Alison Millar: “Lyra’s death was, to many, a sharp puncture to the future of a country trying to move beyond its past. I hope this documentary will introduce a new audience to Lyra and her work. The film is an urgent story that reflects life today in contemporary Northern Ireland as we approach the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Peace Agreement. Lyra’s story and work represents her generation and reminds us why we cannot allow the dark shadows of the past to return.”