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The Wild and the Wonder

“The Wild and the Wonder” is an enchanting collection of paintings by Lynsey Mc Kernan, a plein air artist hailing from Middletown, County Armagh now living in Monaghan. The collection as a whole speaks to the diversity of Monaghan’s landscapes, showcasing both the cultivated beauty of Rossmore Park and the untamed wilderness of Bragan Bog. Alongside the plein air paintings, this collection also features impressionistic, dreamlike artworks that draw from childhood memories of landscapes once roamed. These pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia, blending the essence of past explorations with vivid, imaginative brushstrokes.

Rossmore Park, with its sprawling woodlands, ancient trees, and serene lakes, serves as a rich source of inspiration for Lynsey. Her paintings from this location are imbued with the park’s tranquil beauty. Each piece vividly captures the play of light through the dense canopy. Through her impressionistic lens, Lynsey brings the park to life, evoking the sounds of rustling leaves and the gentle ripple of water, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance of Rossmore Park.

In stark contrast to the manicured landscapes of Rossmore Park, Bragan Bog offers a wilder, more untamed beauty. Lynsey’s works from Bragan Bog reflect the raw and rugged charm of this unique environment. The bog’s expansive, open vistas, punctuated by patches of wildflowers and peat, are captured with bold brushstrokes and a vibrant palette. Lynsey’s paintings highlight the intricate textures and rich colours of the bog, from the deep browns of the peat to the dramatic sky above. Her work portrays the bog as a place of mystery and wonder.

Complimenting this, a work of nostalgic paintings, each created from the artist’s vivid recollections of cherished places. These impressionistic works are characterized by dreamlike and colourful brushstrokes, evoking a sense of warmth and longing. The vibrant hues and fluid forms capture the essence of fleeting moments, blending reality with imagination to transport viewers into a dreamlike landscape.

“The Wild and the Wonder” is not just a visual celebration of these stunning locales but also a narrative of Lynsey’s connection to nature, capturing the essence of her surroundings with immediacy and emotion.

Through “The Wild and the Wonder,” Lynsey Mc Kernan invites viewers to experience the majesty and tranquillity of Monaghan’s natural beauty. Her impressionistic approach breathes life into each scene, offering a window into the soul of the Irish countryside. This collection stands as a tribute to the wild and wonderful landscapes that inspire her work, and a reminder of the profound beauty that exists in the Irish landscape.

All work on show is available for sale and can be purchased directly from the artist. lynseymckernan@gmail.com / 0863528951 See more of Lynsey’s work on www.lynseymckernanart.com and keep up to date with what she’s working on via Instagram @lynseymckernanart

Opening Thursday September 12th @ 7:30pm with  Wine & Cheese Reception.

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