Tuesday December 4th @ 11:00am.Tickets €5. Teachers Free. Box office 047 39777

Little Bo Peeps Christmas Mix Up

Little Bo Peep and her beloved pet BaaBaa the Black sheep take care of some very special sheep who give their wool to make Santas Christmas Jumper as he flies around the world on Christmas Eve. Every year Bo Peep, BaaBaa and their great friend Franz the Farm Boy, take the sheep to the Christmas fair to be shorn but the The beautiful Queen of Hearts has lost her phone and turned up to open the Fair too soon. Things could be sorted.. but Horror! Bo Peeps sheep are missing and soon… so is Baabaa! Just as a very strange witchy person arrives who wants to win Master Chef with a her recipe for roast mutton instead of turkey for Christmas Dinner

Can the boys and girls help find BaaBaa and the sheep and ensure that Santa gets to stay warm and bring Christmas to the whole world?

Few nursery rhymes can have more instantly recognisable lines than ‘Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them… ‘ and is guaranteed to have hordes of children determined to help her find them! The eternal appeal of this classic nursery rhyme makes this a golden opportunity to present this production from the North’s

premiere producer of Christmas plays, with their usual values of clean family entertainment, funny and immediate scripts, simple effects, live music, memorable tunes and strong performances. With loads of audience participation,