Tuesday October 23rd @ 8pm. Tickets €16/€14. Box office 047 39777

It Only Takes A Minute is a superb one women show focusing on the life of Michelle, a young female with Aspergers.
It is a fast-paced, one woman show that features a stand out performance by Anna Kyle, one of Northern Irelands emerging disabled actresses, alongside the songs of ‘Take That’ that at times has the audience singing along.
The piece begins with 26 year old Michelle receiving her diagnosis. She then, through a series of flashbacks, re-lives a number of scenes in her life. ‘Take That’ become Michelle’s confidants, mentors and best friends in the solace of her bedroom. The band, however, soon become an obsession with the lyrics at times taken all too literally. This leads to a culmination of events that result in meltdown and a period where Michelle is forced to learn more about herself and the world around her.
The piece is a mix of fun, excitement, uncertainty and sometimes an all too real overload of emotion, casting a light on the increasing number of females with undiagnosed Aspergers and their struggle living in a neurotypical society.