Eilish O’Carroll’s: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!


Boy Oh Boy What A Show! – John McHugh


Best known as Winnie McGoogan in her brother Brendan’s smash hit BBC sitcom & worldwide sell out arena play ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Eilish comes into her own as she takes you on a loving journey to take a reflective look on an eventful life that includes a strict Catholic upbringing, two failed marriages and coming out as a lesbian at the age of 50!


Mrs Brown’s sister’s show intimate and highly entertaining – Irish News


While poignant and deeply moving it is also packed with humour. A 1950s baby, and the ninth of ten children, she describes her childhood with affection and good humour. We also get a glimpse of her discovery of orgasmic proportions via the hydraulics on a double decker bus and her discovery of sex! At one stage she was sure that there was something wrong ‘down there’ because her sex life was unfulfilling! Her discovery that she was a lesbian is also tenderly handled with good humour.

As a result this show is a warm, witty triumph that joyously celebrates being true to yourself!


A Roar From The Heart… – Mary J Murphy