Thursday February 21st @ 8pm. Tickets €16/€14. Box office 047 39777

A play about three people trying to survive the ‘aftershocks’ of world events. In a pool in New Zealand,  recent emigrant Maeve is learning to swim. A ‘swimaholic’ coach Doreen spurs her on.  But even as she battles the water, Maeve’s heart is calling her home – to an unresolved dilemma  with her much-loved father Johnny. Journey with Maeve as she tries to swim free from the ties that bind.  **** Three-hander about learning about life through learning to swim is spellbinding. Spellbinding  script… inventive use of    space with sculpted sound and lighting that follow the action with split-second  timing. The Stage ****Learning to swim becomes the metaphor for survival in this fine, understated play, through the  subtle clarity of the writing and the wonderfully judged performances.   Irish Times    **** A captivating, intelligent and deeply moving production. Orla Murphy shows she has some  serious talent. The Irish Examiner