Friday 6th March @ 8pm. Tickets €15/€12. Box Office: 047 39777

Happy-go-lucky Amber, fresh out of school, is high on life, double sambucas and boyfriend Paul. That is until the ‘indigestion’ starts.

Her mother Lorraine attacks a customer at work and now she’s seeing a ‘head doctor’. She’s told to do one nice thing for herself each week. Time to sign up for salsa classes.
Nanny Kay, meanwhile, is finding life on the wrong side of sixty frustrating. Ailing husband Gem doesn’t like the neighbours coming in to ‘mind’ him, and she’s missing more than just conversation. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, Little Gem makes his presence felt and life is never the same again.
DangerMouse Productions marks it debut performance on the eve of International Women’s Day with this award-winning play written by Elaine Murphy. Little Gem celebrates three generations of women with stories to tell of three very different stages in life. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser with performances by Lauren McKenna, Audri Herron and Sara Watson.
‘An emotive booze-up of sorrow, precarious joy and inappropriate laughter’
Time Out