The King Lear Session – Nature Amok! Monday 11th November @ 9.45am


Full Price €15 per student (Teachers and SNAs come in free)

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It’s the very near future. The effects of global warming have increased dangerously giving rise to extreme weather events,  rising sea levels and the erosion of natural habitats. Resources such as clean water, crops and fossil fuels have been fought over – with the unthinkable happening again – nuclear war. In the ensuing carnage over half the world’s population have died. A tentative peace has been agreed. Despite all this, the factories of King Lear’s country continue to pump out massive amounts of greenhouse gases. What can be done? King Lear no longer wants the burden of clean-up or rule. He is retiring, and through a vain love test, is planning to give the remaining ‘good’ lands to his youngest daughter Cordelia while his two elder daughters, Goneril and Regan, receive the ravaged parts of his kingdom. However, Lear’s violation of natural law turns against him leading to tragic consequences.

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and engaging for students. Thought provoking Q&A. Very good actors” – Loraine O’Dwyer, Kilkenny Teacher reviewing The King Lear Session.


Writer Cyclone Rep Theatre Company

Director/Choreographer Peadar Donohoe


Millie Doyle, Mike Keep, Stephen O’Driscoll, Kieran O’Leary, Leah Wood &  Roisín