Monday December 14th @ 10am. Tickets €5. Teachers Free. Box Office: 047 39777.

‘Little Red Riding Hood is off through the forest with a basket of Christmas Goodies for her Granny – because every Christmas Eve, Santa stops off at Granny’s for a giant Jammy Donut and a Cup of Tea to perk him up for his long journeys. Her best friend – Hans the Woodsman – is very worried because something strange is happening in the forest – the trolls are leaving, a dreadful witch has arrived and he has heard a wolf! A very dangerous wolf – and wolves love Jammy Donuts – and… wolves eat Grannies!! With the classic appeal of this much loved children’s story, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’s Christmas Adventure’ comes with all our usual values of clean family entertainment, funny and immediate scripts, simple effects, original catchy songs and strong lively performances.

Mischief, magic and merry mayhem from Centre Stage, whose last Christmas Shows, ‘Santa’s Sooty Christmas’ and ‘Little Bo-Peep’s Christmas Mix-Up’ have thrilled and enchanted primary school children all over Ireland, North and South.’