Saturday February 26th @8pm. Tickets €15/€12. Students €8. Teachers Free. Box Office: 047 39777


“I’ve stuck around this hole far too long. I’m telling you: it’s a bloody quagmire, a backwater, a dead end!”

Gar has announced that he is leaving Ireland to get work in America. Excited though he is about the prospect of a new life away from a domineering but uncommunicative father, his doubts about leaving his home town emerge on the night before he leaves. Should he stay and work in the family shop? Can he offer a financially secure life to Kate, the love of his life?

Brian Friel ingeniously tells the story of Gar, who is depicted by Gar (Public) and Gar (Private), as both sides of his conscience grapple with his emotions. This play is, at times, hilariously funny; other times it is poignant with deep emotion.

With its array of characters, from the reserved S.B.”Screwballs” O’Donnell to the animated Lizzy Sweeney, the play has been one of Friel’s most popular since it was first produced in 1964, and it has been a standard on the Leaving Cert syllabus.

Castleblayney Players presented this play as their first production in 1991. We are delighted to have some of the older hands still treading the boards as well as giving a chance to our younger members to bring their talent to new audiences.