Sunday October 13th @ 3pm. Tickets €10. Box Office 047 39777.

2 Great shows in 1

Eddy The Teddy and best friend Sammy Ragdoll decide that tomorrow will be just the day for a picnic. Sammy says she’ll have to organise everything because Eddy wouldn’t be able to but Eddy pleads for a chance. Sammy agrees – fearing the worst – but will she be pleasantly surprised?
The show includes live theatre, mime, puppetry and songs to join in with.

Bring your teddy!

 Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

It features all the popular Alice characters portrayed by a cast of two
talented actors. One plays Alice and the other manically portrays
everyone she meets. Also expect brand-new catchy sing-along songs
composed especially with children in mind, fabulous puppets and lots of

From the time Alice falls down the rabbit hole to the hilarious and
curious ending, everyone, even the adults, will be spellbound. A great
holiday show suitable for families and particularly for children aged five
to nine.