Saturday November 23rd @ 8pm. Tickets €15/€12. Box Office 047 39777

2 ACT COMEDY – Written and directed by Mary Keogh and performed by the Ballintemple Variety Troupe.

Setting: – Craggy Island Parochial House.

It’s late November, Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s usually Ted’s favourite time of year… ..but he’s in a thoughtful mood… life is passing him by, things are not turning out the way he’d hoped… he’s still stuck on this God-forsaken Island… -he’s on bad terms with Bishop Brennan, in fact the Bishop hates him, his neighbour, Dick Byrne is always trying to get one over on him….Jack’s drinking is much worse, in fact it’s totally out of control.. and Dougal… …well Dougal is just Dougal…trouble is never far away from him…!! He ponders on the plus side…. he’s a suave, hard-working Priest, popular with the parishioners, looked up to by the Nuns and spoiled by Mrs. Doyle…so what’s wrong…what’s holding him back        he just wishes something exciting would happen..         ..then out of the blue, Bishop Brennan rings, he’s on his way over . . . . . . has something to discuss… .are things about to change. . . …well they can’t det much worse!..          ..or can they..