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Comedian Dave Young

Award winning comedian Dave Young presents, A Night At The Theatre With Groucho in a portrayal of the legendary comedian Groucho Marx, infamous for his outrageous antics and star of stage and screen.  He appeared in movies such as A Night at the Opera, A day at the Races, Duck Soup and The Big Store to name but a few. In this fast paced, ninety minutes of hilarity, this one man, two-act comedy consists of the best Groucho one-liners, anecdotes and songs including Hooray For Captain Spalding and Lydia The Tattooed Lady . The audience literally becomes part of the show as Young ad-libs his way throughout the performance in fine Groucho style. Portraying the young man of stage and film fame, through to Groucho in his later years, we are reacquainted with Harpo and Chico his brothers and Groucho’s favourite comedian Charlie Chaplin. A show perfect for all ages!



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