Thursday 11th October 2018 @ 10:30am & 8pm. Admission Free
Monaghan Gothic tells the story of how the style of the great mediaeval cathedrals (Chartres, Notre Dame, Paris) first came to Monaghan in the middle ages and has been shaping
The Monaghan landscape ever since. Presented by the Heritage Officer of Monaghan Co Council, Shirley Clerkin and Architectural Historian Kevin Mulligan (author of the definitive guide To the buildings of South Ulster), Monaghan gothic traces the early examples of French gothic at Killeevan and Errigal Truagh, through the destruction of many old gothic churches during the Reformation and the switch in style from Gothic to Classical during the 18th century. It focuses on the remarkable resurgence of Gothic in 19th century during which dozens of gothic masterpieces Were built in Monaghan, including Lough Fea, Annaghmakerrig, Bessmount, St Patricks Monaghan, St Patricks Ardragh and Monaghan Cathedral.

It tells the untold story of the architects and masons behind those building, how they worked together and learned from each other and made Monaghan a centre of excellence For the Gothic style, where many of the leading architects of the 19th century, including Thomas Rickman, William Farrell and JJ McCarthy, have left their mark.