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20 December 2014Aaron Monaghan & Bryan BurroughsA Christmas Carol
27 December 2014Ryan SheridanRyan Sheridan
6 & 7 February 2015Farney PlayersWanted One Body
26 - 28 February 2015Stoney Grey Theatre CompanyBookworms by Bernard Farrell
30 April 2015Fishamble: The New Play CompanyUnderneath by Pat Kinevane

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated
Image courtesy of photographer Ros Kavanagh & The Ark, Dublin

Image courtesy of photographer Ros Kavanagh & The Ark, Dublin

20th December 2014
Showtime: 2pm and 4pm
Aaron Monaghan & Bryan Burroughs
A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens' unforgettable characters come to life in this playful adaptation by award-winning actors Aaron Monaghan and Bryan Burroughs. The perfect pre-Christmas treat.
Performed in 45 exhilarating minutes by award-winning actors Aaron Monaghan and Bryan Burroughs, Charles Dickens’ classic tale is playfully and faithfully retold using only
physical and vocal skill, many hats, some scarves, fairy lights... and an IKEA coat rack! Told with an unbridled passion for this most famous cautionary tale, experience
A Christmas Carol’s unforgettable characters and enduring Christmas spirit.. Recommended age 7+
27th December 2014
Ryan Sheridan
The Garage Theatre are delighted to welcome Monaghan native Ryan Sheridan to the new Garage Theatre.
Tickets will go onsale from the Garage Theatre Box Office on Friday 12th December 2014 at 9am. Tickets will be sold on a first come basis so be sure to get yours by calling to the Garage in person, on the phone or online.
6th & 7th February 2015

Farney Players

Wanted One Body
Where there's a will there's a relative goes the old saying. Farney Players new production shows you just how far distant relatives will go to get their greedy hands on their dead ancestors money. This is an ingenious and wildly comic romp which enjoyed critically acclaimed reviews upon it's debut in the West End many years ago. Wealthy Mr Barraclough has passed away and his incompetent bumbling solicitors arrive at the house during the funeral to read the will.A clause in the will that grants a portion of his estate to the servants of the house causes consternation among his relatives throwing the whole house into turmoil. A murder occurs, a flood cuts the house off from the mainland and then the phone goes dead.It's left to the bumbling solicitors to piece the clues together and find the culprit before he or she strikes again!
The bodies soon pile up as high as the laughs as they struggle through disappearing bodies,sliding panels,jealous relatives and a creepy old house.
26th, 27th & 28th February 2015

Stoney Grey Theatre Company

by Bernard Farrell
After the huge success of Year of the Hiker by John B. Keane in 2014, Monaghan's newest theatre group returns with Bernard Farrell's latest comedy.
Tonight’s book club host, Ann (Olivia Walker), is struggling to stay calm, desperate to deliver the perfect evening of literary classics and late-night canapés. But when the all-female Book Club group (Denise Connolly and Eilish Clarke) invite their husbands (Dennis O'Hagan and Michael Devlin) to join the club, and a mysterious relative (Pat Deery) pays a visit from upstairs, everyone is forced to contend with a lot more than just Virginia Woolf or Harper Lee.
Opinions are challenged, suspicions aroused and tempers flare as the wine flows. Some Book Clubs members prefer to read wine labels.Their daily lives unravel into a saga to rival even the wildest fiction.
Director Sonia Reynolds returns from The Year Of The Hiker in 2014 with this hugely entertaining play written in the post-Celtic Tiger era by celebrated playwright Bernard Farrell (I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell, Kevin's Bed, Canaries and Lovers at Versailles) in an evening of wine and cheese, mystery and mayhem.
30th April 2015

Fishamble: The New Play Company

by Pat Kinevane
Sticks and stones didn't break Her bones, but words and pointing crushed Her.
Is Beauty really only skin deep?
Does Ugliness hide somewhere deeper?
Following the runaway international success of Forgotten and Silent, Fishamble premieres Pat Kinevane’s third solo play, Underneath, directed by Jim Culleton, as part of Limerick City of Culture this December.
This stunning new play is a blackly comic, rich and vivid tale of a life lived in secret, a testament to the people who live on the fringes, under the nose of everyday life. It explores the surface, and what lies underneath.
‘Ireland’s excellent Fishamble’ Guardian
'Drop now...captivating, moving and -yes - even unforgettable' Irish Times [on Forgotten]
‘passionate one-man show…carefully wrought production…Kinevane [is] an artist of the theatre’ New York Times [on Silent]