26 MaySeamus MoranHave A Heart
29th MaySean Keane-One Man ShowGrannys Suitcase
30th AugustRyan SheridanHere And Now Tour 2015

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26th May 2015

Seamus Moran

Have A Heart

When a man who’s recently had a heart transplant thinks that his new heart is talking to him, is he going insane, suffering side-effects from the medication or could it be possible? Could this really be happening? When his new heart persuades him to embark on a major quest, his life and his world are turned upside down and inside out. He is soon operating well outside his comfort zone where his beliefs, assumptions and view of himself are all called into question, tested and challenged. Written and performed by Seamus Moran (beleaguered Bistro owner Mike Gleeson in RTE’s Fair City), Have A Heart is a wonderfully dynamic and visual piece of theatre about love, obsession and head versus heart that demands a real tour de force performance. Structured like a detective story, it’ll keep you guessing and fully engaged throughout. Directed by veteran actor/director Liam Halligan.


29th May 2015

Sean Keane-One Man Show

Granny's Suitcase

Sean Keane brings his new 'One Man show  ' Granny's Suitcase ' to the stage this summer . In this show Sean is going back to his roots in music. He will combine songs and stories of how he was influenced to sing songs the traditional way from a very early age. Sean won his first All-Ireland Fleadh title at the age of seven and went own to win 13 All-Ireland titles by the age of 15. Sean will sing many well known favourites during the show like, A Stor mo Chroi,  Dear little Isle, May Morning dew, and many more including Erin's Lovely Home, the first song he remembers learning. This is an opportunity to hear the authentic Voice of Ireland perform these songs like the way they were passed from person to person and one generation to the next. Traditional singing is a very important part of our music folklore and it is an art that is struggling in popularity in these modern days. Sean hopes that this show will rejuvenate the interest in solo singing and hopefully will influence a new generation to take an interest in the songs and stories of generations past.

The show is set in his grandmother's kitchen as he searches through her old Leather Suitcase where she held all the words of many famous songs that she collected from people who visited her home in Carragh near Caherlistrane in Co. Galway.

This is very much a family show and it is an opportunity to bring young children who may be interested in singing to hear the master at work.

The show will be sprinkled with humorous stories of the songs and the times and indeed about his vast experiences in the music business.


30th August 2015

Ryan Sheridan

Here and Now Tour 2015
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