4th August 2014Annapurna Pictures Her
11th August 2014Silver PicturesNon-Stop
9 September 2014Bottomdog Theatre CompanyWhat Happened to Bridgie Cleary
16 September 2014An Grianan Theatre CompanyFrank Pig Says Hello
19 September 2014Feile AfricaPiTAK
25 September 2014Marty Walsh PromotionsDolly Parton
26 September 2014Ger CareyGer Carey Live
27 September 2014Craic Theatre GroupThe Weir
16 October 2014Big Guerilla ProductionsPadraig Potts Guide To Walking
1 November 2014Ballet IrelandSwan Lake
7 November 2014LPR EntertainmentGet Rhythm

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated
4th August 2014
Annapurna Pictures Presents
Theodore is a lonely man in the final stages of his divorce. When he's not working as a letter writer, his down time is spent playing video games and occasionally hanging out with friends. He decides to purchase the new OS1, which is advertised as the world's first artificially intelligent operating system, "It's not just an operating system, it's a consciousness," the ad states. Theodore quickly finds himself drawn in with Samantha, the voice behind his OS1. As they start spending time together they grow closer and closer and eventually find themselves in love. Having fallen in love with his OS, Theodore finds himself dealing with feelings of both great joy and doubt. As an OS, Samantha has powerful intelligence that she uses to help Theodore in ways others hadn't, but how does she help him deal with his inner conflict of being in love with an OS?
11th August 2014
Silver Pictures Presents
Bill Marks, a former cop dealing with his daughter's death by drinking, is now a federal air marshal. While on a flight from New York to London, Marks gets a text telling him that unless 150 million dollars is transferred to an offshore account, someone will die every 20 minutes. Can he find the terrorist in time and save everyone?
9th September 2014
Bottomdog Theatre Company Presents
What Happened to Bridgie Cleary
By Tom MacIntyre
In 1895, Tipperary woman Bridget Cleary was burnt to death by her husband.
His defence? She was a fairy, replaced by a changeling. Her crime? Being a sensual independent woman who didn't conform to what was expected of her.
What Happened Bridgie Cleary by Tom MacIntyre is a poetic and dramatic interpretation of this important story. Starring Joanne Ryan (Ros na Rún) who was nominated this year for an Irish Times Theatre Award for her portrayal of Bridgie, alongside well-known actor Myles Breen and Pius McGrath.
With an original soundscape by Stephen Ryan (of the Choice Music Prize nominated band windings) and directed by John Anthony Murphy, this is another must see production from Limerick’s Bottom Dog Theatre company.
16th September 2014
An Grainan Theatre Company Presents
Frank Pig Says Hello
By Pat McCabe
From one of Ireland’s most daringly original writers, Frank Pig Says Hello, Patrick McCabe’s stage version of his acclaimed novel The Butcher Boy, first appeared as part of the 1992 Dublin Theatre Festival. The story focuses on the character of Francie Brady, a troubled boy struggling to come to terms with himself, his family and ultimately, his entire surroundings.

It is a poignant and provocative journey into the heart and mind of a young man driven beyond the boundaries of his mental and emotional health.  A black comedy, a grotesque fusion of story telling and role-play where over 30 characters are played by two versatile actors, the production offers a highly theatrical, visually inventive experience. Challenging but rewarding, humorous yet harrowing, Frank Pig Says Hello is at times breathtaking, often haunting and always hugely entertaining.
19th September 2014 
Feile Africa
With the extraordinary vocals of Ines Khai, Pitak bring the unique sound of Guadeloupe from the French-Caribbean to the people of Ireland. Pitak were formed in 2013 from Cork City’s incredibly diverse musical underground, with musicians from 3 continents reflecting the roots of Guadeloupean culture, a fusion of influences from Africa, Europe and The Americas. Playing a set sung entirely in French-Creole, with elements of Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Samba and West African rhythms, Ines Khai's voice rises above like an eagle soaring on the warm Caribbean breeze her emotive songs about the struggles of life and love in Guadeloupe illustrated by her dramatic stage presence. Ines commands the stage, and the audience, like a Guadeloupean Griot. Daniel Muyombo's restrained African style electric guitar (reminiscent of Orchestra Baobab) sits very comfortably beside the voice of Ines Khai echoing the songs’ lyrics in melodies that remain long after the concert has finished. Daniel is joined by fellow Congolese kit drummer 'Troca', bassist Jerome Rimson from Detroit & Patrick Naughton from Ireland playing djembes & percussion. 
25th September 2014 
Marty Walsh Promotions
Dolly Parton
Heidi McCaffrey Singing The Songs & Telling The Story Of Dolly Parton
Also Starring Richie Hayes
This is a fascinating story, which captures the achievements of this incredible woman, who created and performed some of the greatest and most instantly recognisable songs ever produced.
Singer – songwriter – film Star.
One of 12 children, in a family where money was always scarce, Dolly Parton began her professional career at the tender age of 10. She made her grand Ole Opry debut 3 years later, and in 1971 had a first number one country hit with “Joshua”.
From then on success followed success, with Dolly gaining world wide recognition from hits such as Jolene, I will Always love you, 9-5, Here we go again which topped the country and pop charts. This song also brought Dolly her first Grammy award, and of course she won the country music award for best female vocalist in 1975 and 1976. Then there’s the hugely successful films 9-5 and the best little whore house in Texas, in which she starred and wrote the hits, an amazing woman, with an astonishing story of rags to riches and beautifully crafted songs.
26th September 2014
Ger Carey Live
Ger Carey is back with his hilarious stand-up comedy show for transition year students. By secretly observing his subjects in their natural habitat, such as leaning on lampposts, in chippers, outside chippers, in shopping centres and sitting on any kind of steps, Ger has uncovered the weird and frightening world of the teenager! The aim of the show is to get teenagers to laugh at themselves and appreciate the differences of others. Tickets are only €10 and teachers are free. Box-office: 059-9141333
27th September 2014
Craic Theatre Group Presents
The Weir
By Conor McPherson
The play opens in a rural Irish pub with Brendan, the publican and Jack, a car mechanic and garage owner. These two begin to discuss their respective days and are soon joined by Jim. The three then discuss Valerie, a pretty young woman from Dublin who has just rented an old house in the area.
Finbar, a businessman, arrives with Valerie, and the play revolves around reminiscence and the kind of banter which only comes about amongst men who have a shared upbringing. After a few drinks, the group begin telling stories with a supernatural slant, related to their own experience or those of others in the area, and which arise out of the popular preoccupations of Irish folklore: ghosts, fairies and mysterious happenings.
After each man (with the exception of Brendan) has told a story, Valerie tells her own: the reason why she has left Dublin. Valerie's story is melancholy and undoubtedly true, with a ghostly twist which echoes the earlier tales, and shocks the men who become softer, kinder, and more real. There is the hint that the story may lead to salvation and, eventually, a happy ending for two of the characters.
Finbar and Jim leave, and in the last part of the play, Jack's final monologue is a story of personal loss which, he comments, is at least not a ghostly tale but in some ways is nonetheless about a haunting.
The play is as much about lack of close relationships and missed connections as it is about anything else. The weir of the title is a hydroelectric dam on a nearby waterway that is mentioned only in passing as Finbar describes the local attractions to Valerie. It anticipates and symbolises the flow of the stories into and around each other.
16th October 2014 
Big Guerilla Productions
Padraig Potts Guide To Walking
By Seamus O'Rourke
The play follows the life of Padraig Potts McKeirnan, from growing up near the tiny ruralvillage of Drumnamee, County Leitrim in the 70’s and 80’s  to falling in love with Silvia Lang, a perfect protestant girl... to marrying Mary Tague, the priests housekeeper and eventually to the realisation that the world isn’t as big as he first thought.
This is a story full of nos­tal­gia, inno­cence, olympic stan­dard sex and Holy Water salad dress­ing… funny and ten­der, per­formed by Sea­mus O’Rourke and beau­ti­fully directed by Char­lie McGuinness.
1st November 2014
Ballet Ireland
Swan Lake
Ballet Ireland is delighted to present a national tour of Swan Lake, one of the greatest love stories of classical ballet, to 26 theatres throughout Ireland.
This most famous of ballets, combines romantic themes, classical technique and ethereal imagery together with Tchaikovsky's majestic score, to ensure this masterpiece’s immortality.
Swan Lake tells the story of Odette, a beautiful princess, who by day is turned into a swan by evil magician Von Rothbart, only to regain her human form at night. Out hunting by the Lakeside, Prince Siegfried encounters her and falls in love with her. But will he be able to break Von Rothbart’s spell…?
This enduring story of love and tragedy, good and evil, and has enthralled audiences since it premiered in 1877.
This autumn 25 leading professional dancers from Ireland and abroad will perform in this breath-taking production which was loved by audiences and critics when last produced by Ballet Ireland.
‘Perfectly formed and translucent production of the romantic classic’
‘Clever touches with the choreography, performances and staging’
The Irish Times
‘Moving production…beautifully choreographed’
The Sunday Business Post
‘exuberant and beautiful production’
Irish Mail on Sunday

7th November 2014
LPR Entertainment
Get Rhythm
‘Get Rhythm' are a group of 8 musicians from Co Cavan who are aiming to recreate the prison shows undertaken by Johnny Cash & his band in 1960's.
This is the most authentic Johnny Cash/June Carter tribute in Ireland making them the No1 sought after Cash act in the Country.
Get Rhythm have appeared on Ireland AM, performed in Prisons, sold out shows nationwide, performed at Electric Picnic and recently embarked on a 14 night UK Tour in July 2014.
Get Rhythm has received direct praise from the Cash/Carter family for their authentic tribute show and look forward to collaborating with the Cash Family in the future.
Following the successful prison tour, this 8 piece band (replicating the classic Cash, Tennessee Three, Carter Family and Carl Perkins line-up) are now taking their performance to venues playing songs from throughout Cash's career. Paul McCann will be recreating the role of Johnny Cash and June Carters vocal duties will be performed by Louise O’Reilly.