27 November 2014Black Pigs Dyke Theatre CompanyUnforgiven
28 November 2014Oriel SingersCelebrating 10 Years
3 & 4 December 2014Daltaí Idirbhliana Choláiste OiriallAn tAsarlaí ó Oz
12 December 2014Wrestling.ieAmerican Wrestling
20 December 2014Aaron Monaghan & Bryan BurroughsA Christmas Carol
6 & 7 February 2015Farney PlayersWanted One Body

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated
27th November 2014
Black Pigs Dyke Theatre Company
by John McDwyer
A real circus of a play, Unforgiven is a laugh a minute exposition of Irish rural life where nothing is ever as it seems to be.  P.J. awaits the death of his father so that he can inherit the farm and marry his neighbour Mary and live happily ever after.  His brother Seamie (AKA One Word) holds a watching brief while Mary is blissfully unaware of P.J.’s plans for her.
When the father ultimately dies, another brother arrives home from America and a colony of cats land among the pigeons in this hilarious play.
28th November 2014
Oriel Singers
Celebrating 10 Years
Oriel Singers, formerly Monaghan County Choir present what will be a memorable night's entertainment on Friday 28th November at 8pm. During the years, they have performed in many different venues in Ireland, England, Wales & Europe including the Royal Albert Hall and also in Vienna.

With their musical director Mrs Eleanor Gilsenan, accompanist and soloist on the night, the choir will present a wonderful array of songs from the musicals, some classical pieces and a mixture of melodies that will have you singing along.Tickets available from any choir member.
3rd & 4th December 2014; 7.30pm
Daltaí Idirbhliana Choláiste Oiriall
An tAsarlaí ó Oz
Is í díleachta Dorothy an príomhcharachtar. Tá saol míshona aici i Kanas. I rith stoirme aistrítear Dorothy agus Toto go dtí tír dhraíochta, Oz. Buaileann sí le triúr carachtar ansin a bhfuil tréithe in easnamh orthu. Tugann na Muinscíní comhairle dóibh dul go dtí an tAsarlaí Oz agus go réiteoidh seisean a gcuid fadhbanna dóibh. Ar aghaidh leo ar an Bhóthar Buí agus tarlaíonn go leor eachtraí suimiúla ar an bhealach.

Coláiste Oirall Transition year students
The Wizard of Oz

The story’s central character is the orphaned Dorothy, who has an unhappy life in Kanas. During a storm Dorothy and her dog Toto are transported to the magical land of Oz. While there, Dorothy meets with three characters, all of whom feel that they are lacking essential qualities. The Munchkins advise them to visit the Wizard of Oz as he will be able to solve all their problems. They journey along the Yellow Brick Road, encountering many magical and supernatural creatures in their quest to find the Wizard of Oz.
12th December 2014; 7.30pm
American Wrestling
Wrestling Superstars are taking a break from their tours of America, Europe, Japan & Mexico to take part in a giant one-off extravaganza in County Monaghan.
The New Garage Theatre is the venue for this year's must-see event where fans will have the chance to witness the passion of dedicated athletes perfecting their craft.  Wrestling Superstars will collide in an epic encounter inside the ring that’ll grip the audience's attention like nothing you have seen before.
The spectacular event takes place December 12th with doors opening at 7.30pm.  Spectators will get the chance to get up close and personal with their favourite stars.
This is a fantastic chance to have a great night out with friends and family at an affordable price. The action, excitement and fun cannot be matched.
In recent year’s stars such as Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Mason Ryan and of course Ireland’s own Sheamus have appeared in similar venues throughout the country.  This bone-crunching event is catered towards kids both young and old! The non-violent evening is the perfect family bonding experience, as the good guys take on the baddies.
Tickets are expected to sell out fast as people from all across Ireland will flock to Monaghan Town to see scenes usually only witnessed on the television screen.
So people are advised to make their bookings today at the Garage Theatre on 047 39777, tickets are priced at only €15 or a group rate at €48 for 4 (contact Box Office for group rate)!
Image courtesy of photographer Ros Kavanagh & The Ark, Dublin

Image courtesy of photographer Ros Kavanagh & The Ark, Dublin

20th December 2014
Showtime: 2pm and 4pm
Aaron Monaghan & Bryan Burroughs
A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens' unforgettable characters come to life in this playful adaptation by award-winning actors Aaron Monaghan and Bryan Burroughs. The perfect pre-Christmas treat.
Performed in 45 exhilarating minutes by award-winning actors Aaron Monaghan and Bryan Burroughs, Charles Dickens’ classic tale is playfully and faithfully retold using only
physical and vocal skill, many hats, some scarves, fairy lights... and an IKEA coat rack! Told with an unbridled passion for this most famous cautionary tale, experience
A Christmas Carol’s unforgettable characters and enduring Christmas spirit.. Recommended age 7+
6th & 7th February 2015
Farney Players
Wanted One Body
Where there's a will there's a relative goes the old saying. Farney Players new production shows you just how far distant relatives will go to get their greedy hands on their dead ancestors money. This is an ingenious and wildly comic romp which enjoyed critically acclaimed reviews upon it's debut in the West End many years ago. Wealthy Mr Barraclough has passed away and his incompetent bumbling solicitors arrive at the house during the funeral to read the will.A clause in the will that grants a portion of his estate to the servants of the house causes consternation among his relatives throwing the whole house into turmoil. A murder occurs, a flood cuts the house off from the mainland and then the phone goes dead.It's left to the bumbling solicitors to piece the clues together and find the culprit before he or she strikes again!
The bodies soon pile up as high as the laughs as they struggle through disappearing bodies,sliding panels,jealous relatives and a creepy old house.