26 MarchBig Telly Theatre CompanyOne Sandwich Short of a Genius
9 AprilYoung Once Theatre CompanyAbsolution
10 AprilCity Theatre CompanyThe Matchmaker
16 & 17 AprilMonaghan Dramatic Society Moll
18 AprilMichael Hynes The Legend of Luke Kelly-Sat
22 AprilCyclone RepRomeo & Juliet-The Merchant Session
25 AprilIsoscelesOn our way to Lisbon
30 April 2015Fishamble: The New Play CompanyUnderneath by Pat Kinevane
29th MaySean Keane-One Man ShowGranny's Suitcase

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated

26th March 2015

Big Telly Theatre Company

One Sandwich Short of a Genius
Mum is so determined to keep up appearances that when Dad leaves her 'to find himself', she hires an actor to replace him. It's a perfect solution to an embarrassing situation, as long as she uses her imagination to find the extra cash. Mum's the word. Luckily, the daughter,s far to busy planning the happiest day of her life to notice, but the son smells so many rats he,s a loose cannon who must be kept behind closed doors. Well keeping the cat in the bag and the skeletons in the cupboard whilst avoiding the elephant in the room tip them all over the edge ? Or is it the best move she's ever made...


9th April

Young Theatre Company


 ‘Absolution’ is a black comedy, set in Monaghan in the late 1970′s and told from the perspective of Flo Brady a teenager navigating a world of competitiveness and jealousy, and Mizenty Flanagana gentle soul in a town full of strong characters. Through their interweaving monologues we learn the story of how their paths cross in very peculiar circumstances, involving a bishop, a bible and a speedy burial.

 Young Once Theatre are off to London this coming April with their Monaghan based play as part of a small UK and Irish tour, which includes confirmed dates in the Garage, Monaghan (9th April) and the Granary Theatre in Cork. 

Written by Kelly McAuley, and directed by Barry McSkeane, ‘Absolution’ originally premiered as part of the 2013 Collaborations Festival in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. With a change to the original cast, Kelly, who lived in Monaghan in her junior years and is now an established actress having recently played the Colleen Bawn in Druid Theatre’s production of the same name, will take up the role of Flo Brady (a role that was brought to life by the talented Clones actress Sabrina Beggan), while Shane Connolly, a Dublin based actor who hails from Annyalla, will return with the many faces of the quirky Mizenty.

‘….This is a great play - sometimes tragic, sometimes uproariously funny - about growing up, growing older and how second chances might just save us all. Highly recommended.’ Entertainment.ie **** (4stars)



10th April 2015

City Theatre Company

The Matchmaker

One of Ireland’s greatest comedic talents Jon Kenny comes together with legendary Irish actor Mary McEvoy in a revival of Michael Scott’s iconic production of The Matchmaker. John B. Keane’s hilarious hit play follows the efforts of Dicky Mick Dicky O’ Connor to make matches for the lonely and lovelorn from all parts of the country. At the centre of this celebrated production is John B. Keane’s marvellous mischievous wit coupled by his unparalleled way with words.

John B. Keane takes us back to a simpler time, when even phones were few and far between and the only web was one left behind by spiders

16th April 2015

Monaghan Dramatic Society

Moll by John B Keane
Moll is a priest’s housekeeper who takes over a parish house with a “divide and conquer” strategy. When Canon Pratt and his two curates, Father Brest and Father Loran, lose their exteemed Ms Bottomly, they must recruit a replacement to carry on with the cooking and cleaning. They select Ms Maureen Kettle, AKA Moll. She wraps the Canon around her little finger, feeds him well while starving the curates and continues this pattern as the Canon is promoted and one on the curates takes his place. When it comes to the question on Moll’s pension, more chaos ensues.

17th April 2015

Monaghan Dramatic Society

Moll by John B Keane

  18th April 2015

Michael Hynes Promotions

The Legend of Luke Kelly

On 30th January 1984 it is said that the Whole of Dublin grieved the early death of Luke Kelly. He has left an indelible mark as being the greatest folk artist of the 20th Century.

In October 2001 ‘A Tribute to Luke Kelly’ was launched in Dublin’s Hotpress HQ before an audience which included Luke’s siblings and relations. As a result of the show’s success, MCD booked the band for a three month residency at the Olympia theatre which led to a memorable appearance on RTE’s Open House.

Over the past seven years they have amazed audiences following powerful sell-out performances in prominent Irish venues with the regular attendance of the Kelly family. Popularity has seen the band touring abroad even as far away as Australia.

Lead singer, Chris Kavanagh bears a remarkable resemblance to Luke while his singing talents capture the depth and passion of the great man. He is joined on stage by accomplished musicians who all consider it an honour to bring Luke’s memory to the stage in the ultimate tribute to the King of balladeers.

Recently to mark Luke’s 25th anniversary, Chris and co-writer Hilary Kavanagh composed a song entitled ‘Voice of the people’ to celebrate his life. An album of original songs will soon follow…



22th April 2015


Cyclone Rep

Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare comes to life in The Romeo & Juliet Session! The bard
directs a group of modern actors in his great romantic tragedy.
However, problems arise as Mr. Shakespeare’s sixteenth century
attitudes and demeanour clash with those of the modern performers.
Arguments, discussion and enlightenment ensue!

Cyclone Rep once again introduces students to one of Shakespeare’s
greatest plays with stunning performances, historical background,
discussion of major themes and audience participation and interaction.

Topics and themes introduced and/or analysed in The Romeo and Juliet
Session: Shakespeare’s main source, Symbols in the play, The passage
of time in Romeo and Juliet, Nature of love, Love as a religious
experience, Benvolio’s function, Fate, Romeo’s Transformation, Love
vs. Lust, Conflict, Historical context of the Capulet/Montague feud,
Lack of women performers in Elizabethan Theatre, Attitudes to
homosexuality in Shakespeare’s time, Parental Authority, Storytelling
in Shakespeare’s time.

Cast: Luke Barry, Martin Condon, Marie O'Donovan, Sean McNally


22th April 2015


Cyclone Rep

The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant Session: An entertaining and informative synthesis of
analysis and performance that has the primary goal of helping Junior
Cert learners in their understanding of Merchant of Venice while at
the same time highlighting what a fine comedy it is. The 95 minute
performance is a reduced version of the play and contains an
entertaining scholarly review that clarifies the main themes and
topics as well as an invitation for discussion.

Topics and themes introduced and/or analysed in the Merchant Session:
Friendship and Loyalty, Merchant of Venice in Nazi Germany,
Launcelot’s Conscience, Mercy and Justice, The Role of Religion, The
Pound of Flesh, Father and Child Love, Romantic Love, Love Between
Friends, Significance of Tubal, Isolation, Money & Wealth, The function
of the caskets, Women’s Appearance & Reality, Prejudice.

Cast: Martin Condon, Cian Kinahan, Marie O'Donovan, Sean McNally
Tickets - €14 per student – Teachers & SNAs free

Please contact Cyclone Rep (021) 235 5356, (085) 8585 502, or maev@cyclonerep.comfor bookings and further details.


25th April 2015


On our way to Lisbon
Voted one of the top five shows of 2006 by The Glasgow Evening Times’ theatre critic Brian Beacom and performed to rave reviews, awards and standing ovations wherever it goes, this is the story of how, in 1967, Celtic became the first British team to win the European Cup with a victory over the mighty Inter Milan.
Two fans look back and fondly recreate the night that the Bhoys in Green and White beat the hardest team in the world and draped Europe in green, white and gold.
The whole mad and magnificent campaign comes to life as the two supporters become everything from a Swiss football team to the entire population of Lisbon. The show, brought by Isosceles Theatre, has obvious appeal for football fans but is also for those with little interest in the game and stands as a stunning piece of theatre for all.

30th April 2015

Fishamble: The New Play Company

by Pat Kinevane
Sticks and stones didn't break Her bones, but words and pointing crushed Her.
Is Beauty really only skin deep?
Does Ugliness hide somewhere deeper?
Following the runaway international success of Forgotten and Silent, Fishamble premieres Pat Kinevane’s third solo play, Underneath, directed by Jim Culleton, as part of Limerick City of Culture this December.
This stunning new play is a blackly comic, rich and vivid tale of a life lived in secret, a testament to the people who live on the fringes, under the nose of everyday life. It explores the surface, and what lies underneath.
‘Ireland’s excellent Fishamble’ Guardian
'Drop everything...book now...captivating, moving and -yes - even unforgettable' Irish Times [on Forgotten]
‘passionate one-man show…carefully wrought production…Kinevane [is] an artist of the theatre’ New York Times [on Silent]

29th May 2015

Sean Keane-One Man Show

Granny's Suitcase

Sean Keane brings his new 'One Man show  ' Granny's Suitcase ' to the stage this summer . In this show Sean is going back to his roots in music. He will combine songs and stories of how he was influenced to sing songs the traditional way from a very early age. Sean won his first All-Ireland Fleadh title at the age of seven and went own to win 13 All-Ireland titles by the age of 15. Sean will sing many well known favourites during the show like, A Stor mo Chroi,  Dear little Isle, May Morning dew, and many more including Erin's Lovely Home, the first song he remembers learning. This is an opportunity to hear the authentic Voice of Ireland perform these songs like the way they were passed from person to person and one generation to the next. Traditional singing is a very important part of our music folklore and it is an art that is struggling in popularity in these modern days. Sean hopes that this show will rejuvenate the interest in solo singing and hopefully will influence a new generation to take an interest in the songs and stories of generations past.

The show is set in his grandmother's kitchen as he searches through her old Leather Suitcase where she held all the words of many famous songs that she collected from people who visited her home in Carragh near Caherlistrane in Co. Galway.

This is very much a family show and it is an opportunity to bring young children who may be interested in singing to hear the master at work.

The show will be sprinkled with humorous stories of the songs and the times and indeed about his vast experiences in the music business.